“Many of us do not know a life outside of
our beliefs to be possible, until we start
living life outside of our beliefs.”
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“The Living Inquiries are all about being with what is actually here, rather than trying to deny what we’re really feeling. When Colm joined our facilitator training programme, I was immediately impressed by his willingness to explore his own demons. He really does walk the walk and has become an excellent facilitator. He is able to work with others in a kind, non-judgemental and effective way to unravel the knots of thoughts and emotions that often keep us stuck in anxiety, unhappiness or addiction. In fact, he’s now one of the people I go to when I want to be facilitated. I’m really happy to recommend him” – Fiona Robertson, Senior Facilitator/Trainer of the Living Inquiries and author of The Art of Finding Yourself: Live Bravely and Awaken to Your True Nature

“Colm was a warm, sensitive and neutral guide and this allowed me to settle, feeling secure and the session quickly opened into rich seams of inquiry material.

I particularly valued his recurring and gentle direction to return to the body. As the session progressed I gradually saw more clearly. I began to ‘see’ how my thinking was narrowing and confining my felt experience, looking to summarise and move on, or attempting to edit out material, but with his holding of the space I was able to stay with what was arising.

What I found most helpful and surprising was how the seams of material we explored that initially seemed very separate all came together at the end. I had the very real experience of the wholeness from which it all springs and, resting in that place, I feel that something in me got the taste of the possibility of ‘knowing’ my experience in a different way.

After the session I felt light.” – Kate, England

“Colm has a wonderfully supportive presence. He is warm and patient and exudes a relaxed acceptance. His facilitation was gentle and kind. He intuitively assisted me to lean into my body when I struggled with an arising somatic experience, allowing me to deepen my inquiry by holding neutral space for me.” – Cheryl, California, USA

” Experiencing Colm as a Facilitator of the Living Inquiries has been rich each time I had a session.

I would like to call him an artist in this way, always using the right “color”/questions which brought me back to clarity, calmness and back into the present moment.

The issue which might have looked very scary at the beginning gets transformed through his skills and presence almost in a playful and easy manner.

I highly recommend him for whatever issue has arisen; his presence and clarity is so outstanding that I felt from the first moment that I can trust him.” – Susanne, Australia