The Living Inquiries

I love the way the Living Inquiries allow us to mindfully explore every part of our human experience, exactly how it is, without judgement or fixed agenda. This truly radical approach gently liberates you from the mental, emotional and physical pain that so many of us experience in our everyday lives.

We use the Unfindable Inquiry, a simple yet unique tool that can be used to see far beyond the limited identities we take ourselves to be.

The Anxiety Inquiry, which lovingly zones into the root of the anxiety, freeing us from the perceived danger or threat.

The Compulsion Inquiry, a powerful method used for reducing or eliminating the cravings for, or compulsive use of, substances and activities. This inquiry is not limited to the obvious three being, drugs, alcohol and smoking. If you feel addicted to your phone, lover, porn, spiritual seeking, over thinking, work etc, then the compulsion inquiry could be the answer for you.

I have been and continue to be sincerely touched in my heart when facilitating clients from around the world using these three simple methods of inquiry. Compulsion, shame and guilt subside or completely drop away.The sense of feeling so separate from people and the world around them dissolves. Anxieties and fears no longer hold them in bondage from fully enjoying life, instead of running from it.